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How We Killed Our Virtual Miss Bimbo

A few weeks ago, we learned about the Miss Bimbo game that allows 9- to 16-year-old girls to foster a virtual bimbo with diets, sexy outfits, and boob jobs. How sick!, we thought. Naturally, we promptly signed up. Things did not look good when we registered, were assigned a bimbo, and were told to dye her hair blonde and make her lose .6 pounds. We were also told to feed her to keep her alive, but with happy hours to attend and shoes to shop for, we just didn’t carve out time for any online bimbo feedings. And this morning at 7:37 a.m. we received the following e-mail:

You know that you have a “bimbo”?

Its important to take care of it! She dead now! But you can save her again!

For remember :
Your email :
Your password : *******

See you soon !

Do note! The bimbo is an “it”!

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How We Killed Our Virtual Miss Bimbo