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Is This the Beginning of Deyn’s Downward Spiral?

Keep those hands drink-free, Aggy.Photo: Patrick McMullan

We’ve been anticipating Miley Cyrus’s downfall for some weeks, but it looks like we ought to recalibrate our countdown clock to Agyness Deyn’s. She is, after all, “the next Kate Moss.” Sure, she hasn’t lacked opportunities to booze and pleasure-seek these past few years, but her skin just looks so darn good and she’s remained utterly charming. So we just assumed she passed on grungy party crews, all-nighters, and “just one more” of any number of things. But the tabloids are no longer ignoring Deyn’s extracurricular activities. According to today’s Daily Mail, we, sadly, have Aggy all wrong:

But it was her drunken antics outside the afterparty of the Empire Film Awards that attracted the most attention.

She’s reportedly going on a “detox” backpacking vacation through France, Italy, and Argentina to get away from all this unhealthy, skin-ruining partying. Backpacking in wine country, eh? Yeah, that’ll detox you.

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Is This the Beginning of Deyn’s Downward Spiral?