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Dis Alert! Rachel Zoe Uninvited From Met Gala

Maybe next year, Rachel.Photo: Getty Images

At parties as fabulous as the Costume Institute gala, guests don’t just show up willy-nilly like at the last house party you hosted. And unless you’re like Vogue, we doubt you preapproved your guests’ friends’ friends who might show up. But that’s how the gala works. Anna Wintour gets to yea or nay every person on the list. Sadly, Rachel Zoe, didn’t pass muster, according to Fashion Week Daily:

Riiight Rachel. This has nothing to do with your boasting that you’re more influential than A-dubs. Or maybe Vogue was afraid she’d show up with the camera crew from her new reality show and try to stage conversations with far more famous guests? We’ve seen it with our own eyes, and it isn’t pretty.

Who’s In–and Who’s Out–at the Costume Institute Gala [Fashion Week Daily]
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Dis Alert! Rachel Zoe Uninvited From Met Gala