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Donatella Versace Likes Dems; Lauren Conrad Won’t Attend Wintour’s Ball

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Michelle Obama often gets props for her wardrobe choices, but Donatella Versace would like to see her in something different. “It is very easy, casual. I like it,” she said of Michelle’s style at the White House Correspondents’ dinner on Saturday. She continued, “I’d like to put her in different dresses. Maybe some jersey draped dresses.” Perhaps something more va-va-voom? “Well, Versace isn’t so va-va-voom anymore,” she replied. And how about Hillary Clinton? “I like Mrs. Clinton very much,” Versace said. “I think she should lose the pants and wear some dresses.” So whom would she vote for? “I like both candidates. I like Mrs. Clinton very much and I like Obama, but I know Mrs. Clinton, which is why I wanted to meet Mr. Obama. But he is not here.” That might explain why Versace decided to attend, aside from the invitation from Time Style & Design editor Kate Betts. Versace added she met President Clinton at the dinner a while back but didn’t think meeting George Bush would be as exciting. “I was looking forward to meeting Mr. Obama,” she lamented again. With politics out of the way, we pressed Her Fabulousness for details on the Costume Institute gala. She wouldn’t reveal whom she’s dressing but noted, “I like superheroes, but I’m not following the superhero theme.”

Also mum on the topic of the Costume Institute gala was none other than Hills girl Lauren Conrad. It’s not that she’s dressing anyone attending (thank God) but when we asked her if she was invited, she replied, “What’s that? Is that where a designer picks a specific celebrity and designs a piece specifically for them? I don’t know if I’m on that list.” And that’s the difference between the Costume Institute Gala and the White House Correspondents dinner. — Jada Yuan

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Donatella Versace Likes Dems; Lauren Conrad Won’t Attend Wintour’s Ball