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Dressing for a Book Party at the Waverly

Yesterday, a bunch of fancy publishing types gathered at the Waverly Inn to celebrate a new book by Sheila Weller called Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon — And the Journey of a Generation. As interested as we are in the lives of those three women, at the moment we’re more interested in what people wear to book parties at the Waverly. Apparently, it involves a lot of animal print. Let’s commence judgment with Vanity Fair editor Amy Fine Collins (left) and Carly Simon.

The snakeskin kimono top just wasn’t enough for you Collins, was it? You just had to throw the bag in there, and now our eyes hurt from the overload — we’ve been staring at this screen all day, and you just couldn’t be gentle, could you? Meanwhile, Carly Simon just looks freaking cool. Love what she’s doing with that belt. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Egads: More animal print on socialite publicist Annelise Peterson! We hate to say it, but that pink headband is just kind underage-tragic. On the right, we have Tory Burch, designer of the annoyingly ubiquitous gold-plated flats. She looks really skinny. Just because Lance Armstrong may have gone for an Olsen twin doesn’t mean you need to be one, too.Photo: Patrick McMullan

From left: Glamour editor Cindi Leive, Anna Carter, author Sheila Weller, and Vanity Fair editor and Waverly Inn chief Graydon Carter. Graydon looks like he should be captaining a ship.Photo: Patrick McMullan

On the left, we kind of have a crush on Ballantine Publishing head Judith Curr’s skinny red waist belt. It even matches her glasses in a really charming way. On the right, it’s author Sheila Weller, again. Classy lady, but we’re not really digging the silver.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Lastly, we have musician David Saw playing the
role of token hipster in a fedora.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Dressing for a Book Party at the Waverly