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Elizabeth Hurley Saves Face; Kate Bosworth’s Geekdom

Drawn on eyebrows are so outPhoto: Getty Images

• Elizabeth Hurley on photo retouching: “I don’t mind if you want to make me a bit thinner and a bit younger, but you can’t give me a different jaw or eyebrows.” Well, she can kiss Vogue covers good-bye. [British Vogue]

• Giorgio Armani is holding an international contest to find a director for the next Emporio Armani fragrance ad. The finalists get to go before Armani himself, so you know, screw Tribeca if you didn’t make it. [British Vogue]

• Elizabeth Emmanuel designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress but fell into obscurity when she went bankrupt in 1997. Now she’s back with four wedding-dress designs for Bhs that cost about $1,000 each. They’re foofy but not, like, royally foofy. [Daily Mail]

• Stefano Pilati made the bulbous trouser (wide at the hips and thighs and tapering at the ankle) a hot item in a 2007 Yves Saint Laurent runway show. Ironically these are not for bulbous people. [Independent]

• Calvin Klein jeans model Kate Bosworth says she was a geek in high school. Alas! We’ve been searching high and low for reasons to like her more. [British Vogue]

• In London fifties fashions are back in style, which means in a few months every hipster in Brooklyn will have blue suede shoes so start accepting it now. [Independent]

Naomi Campbell bumped into the police officers who arrested her at Heathrow earlier this month and smiled broadly at them instead of spitting in their faces. Progress! [NYP]

• Fashion and architecture have a lot in common. As we’ve always said, most people never get to commission an architect, but getting dressed every day is like commissioning an architect for your body. [Independent]

Kate Moss’s ex Pete Doherty faces eviction from his nine-bedroom mansion for “spraying blood all over the walls.” He also has nine cats running around in there, and it sounds like they don’t have clean litter. Sad face. [Mirror]

• Kim Kardashian got free Ed Hardy gear for herself and friends for a recent trip to Mexico because she called paparazzi and told them she’d be in Mexico wearing Ed Hardy clothes. Ugh, freeloader. [NYP]

• Another reason being a socialite is so hard: Paris Hilton had to get a facial at Heathrow because jet-setting gave her acne. [Mirror]

Elizabeth Hurley Saves Face; Kate Bosworth’s Geekdom