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Gwen Stefani Launches Fragrances; Police Seize Counterfeits in Queens

Gwen and her backups: Buy them in plastic soon!Photo: Getty Images

• Gwen Stefani is launching a collection of five perfumes that come in doll bottles, each representing her and one of her four backup Harajuku dancers. So no, that whole thing’s not over yet. [WWD]

• Police seized $5.5 million in counterfeit handbags and sneakers at a Queens warehouse yesterday. Great way to kick off the anti-counterfeit Louis Vuitton party at the Brooklyn Museum! [WWD]

• Giorgio Armani finally figured out his customers have a “keen interest in travel” (really, they do!) so he’s launched a luggage collection for men and women made of patent crocodile skin. [WWD]

• An Andy Warhol–esque portrait of Kate Moss sold for nearly $200,000 at auction in February, so the set of six about to go up for bidding ought to fetch much more. [ British Vogue]

• The photos from the latest America’s Next Top Model actually look kind of artistic and not like utter crap as in the one where they wore raw meat. [FabSugar]

• Chloë Sevigny missed hosting her Nylon party because she collapsed from a viral infection earlier that day. Guests still ate a cake with her face on it, though. [NYP]

• College basketball announcer Dick Vitale has “vivacious” style, which he’ll show off as he wraps up March Madness. [WSJ]

• Victoria Beckham looked overdressed when she lunched with David in L.A. the other day. Shocker. [ Mirror]

• Zac Posen and Claire Danes ate breakfast together in London. Ooh, new face alert? [ British Vogue]

Gwen Stefani Launches Fragrances; Police Seize Counterfeits in Queens