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‘The Hills’ Is Taking Over the World

Cheerio, ladies.Photo composite: Courtesy of MTV; iStockphoto

London, get ready: Television crack is coming your way. MTV is currently casting for a U.K. version of The Hills. Unlike our beloved American show, it sounds like the British series aims to focus on the literary scene rather than fashion. The casting call states that applicants should be “seriously interested in writing, graphic art, advertising, or PR.” Now as riveting as watching the girls be seduced by sexy bespectacled journalists at book parties sounds, the London fashion world is just so awesomely loud and amazing that we hope it gets ample screen time, too.

The other casting requirements are a kind of a roar, if you consider Lauren, Whitney, Audrina, and Heidi were held to similar standards. See what we mean after the jump.

- Be 18-21 year olds

- Have striking looks/personal style and personality to match

- Love being in front of the camera

- Not be a professional actor or presenter

- Enjoy being yourself and wear your heart on your sleeve

- Not be afraid to show your emotions and tell everyone about them

- Be a passionate follower of at least one of these scenes: fashion, art, music, film, literature, partying/clubbing and want to have your voice heard

- Be seriously interested in writing, graphic art, advertising, PR

- Live an aspirational lifestyle

So do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Lauren, Heidi or Audrina?

Then get in touch!


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‘The Hills’ Is Taking Over the World