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PR Interns Tackle the Blogosphere for Nina Garcia

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Today in the Nina Garcia saga we learn she’s hired Rubenstein PR to handle her situation. Understandable considering how much this story has blown up (people luuuurve their Project, what can we say?). And Jezebel reports Rubenstein has turned to the All-Powerful Blogosphere to rally support for her cause:

A little birdie tells us that Rubenstein has handed off some of the Garcia damage control work to its interns, deploying legions of them to comment on sites like Perez Hilton and TMZ. The minions leave encouraging and kind remarks, complete with stats on Nina’s many successes while at Elle in the comments.

Jezebel points to comments left on Perez Hilton that report stats on Elle’s circulation since Garcia appeared on Project Runway. We’re talking cold, hard numbers — who does that? Commenters are also suspiciously named “NinaMustStay” and “StayNinaStay,” which sound like one-time posters to us.

But we kind of wonder if Elle is doing the same thing, considering the comment “Dancing Girl” left on this post:

Let’s not forget: 1) Since Joe Zee and his team came aboard, the mag has looked amazing. 2) Joe Zee has a reputation in the fashion biz as being a genuinely nice and super talented guy. Perhaps this is not about TV shows, or cat fights, but about a BUSINESS in which you have to either be an asset to your company, or be replaced by someone who is.

Oh, the drama! Regardless of what happened with Nina at Elle, we have a bit of sympathy for her being caught up in this mess. We’ve met her several times, and she was a really nice, genuine lady. The kind who gets stopped for autographs and pictures on every corner but still waits in line at Fashion Week for her seat assignments. An increasingly rare breed, you know.

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PR Interns Tackle the Blogosphere for Nina Garcia