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Is Heatherette Kaput?!

Richie Rich (left) and Traver Rains. Please God, let them stay this way forever.Photo: Getty Images

Say it isn’t so! The Daily News reports Heatherette’s days are numbered and the design duo behind the label are parting ways. Sniff. Where will Lil’ Kim get her nipple pasties? Supposedly Richie Rich is working on his own fashion line called Rox and Riley, named after his dogs. His other solo ventures include writing a book about club kids, and other music and television projects. Why he’s writing books instead of gussying up drag queens — his true talent — is beyond us. Of course the label can’t go quietly into the night without some sort of feud. A “source” told the Daily News Traver Rains, the quieter half of Heatherette, “can’t deal with Richie anymore” and “was the one who really held it together.” If you’re not sobbing into your keyboard just yet, get this: Rich supposedly wants to move to L.A. If we could pass you a blog tissue, we would.

The label was on the rocks earlier this year when it lost funding and had to cancel its Fashion Week show. The duo made a strong comeback with the launch of its makeup line for M.A.C replete with blather about glitter and unicorns. Rains and Rich even assured us they’d be back next Fashion Week, so let’s hope this story is just a sordid rumor. Because this past Fashion Week just wasn’t the same without Heatherette’s sparkly, nonsensical parade. Amid all the self-seriousness of the tents, that kind of glitter break is nothing short of a necessity.

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Is Heatherette Kaput?!