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Judging the Attire at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Photo: Getty Images

A lot of actors (Colin Firth), reality stars (Lauren Conrad), and famous people we thought had fallen by the wayside (Jenny McCarthy) attended the White House Correspondents’ dinner. It was an odd mix of guests, who for the most part looked fairly decent. After all, they couldn’t bust out their “Look at me! I’m a fashion risk-taker!” looks for dinner with a bunch of politicians.

Let’s commence dress judgment with one of the most-talked-about guests of the night, Heidi Montag. Props to her on the shoes. The dress looks nice, too. The bag, we could do without. But Heidi really needs to learn to stand up straight. In every photo she looks like she has no neck, and that is most definitely not what Tyra taught us on America’s Next Top Model. Also, it wouldn’t kill her to give a happy smile rather than an “I’m sorry I’m so famous — but not really” face.

Look! It’s Montag’s rival, Lauren Conrad! Her cleavage looks quite fantastic. Tasteful, authentic. We won’t remember this dress in five minutes, though. Jenny McCarthy also looks classy. However that deep V on her bust makes her girls look a bit droopy. Not the most flattering cut.Photo: Getty Images

This is fitness guru Denise Austin showing what not to do on the red carpet. We hope she washed her hands before dinner. Photo: Getty Images

John McCain’s daughter Megan looks charming in this color, but her dress could use a steam. Meanwhile, we’re dying to pull Ashlee Simpson’s dress up. Also, we’re not really into Pete Wentz’s tie, but at least he’s rocking his own style. His pant length indicates he expected a flood. Then again, it did rain that night.Photo: Getty Images

More cool blue on Padma Lakshmi, who wore a dress that looks to have been sewn by a small child. And Pam Anderson’s trying to bring back the side slit. Though you have to hand it to Pam: No matter what the occasion, she stays true to her signature skin-baring look.Photo: Getty Images

Judging the Attire at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner