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Juicy Sues! This Time, It’s Victoria’s Secret

Sigh.Photo: Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Juicy Couture is the only — we repeat only — clothing company allowed to put logos on the asses of pants. Their latest lawsuit accuses Victoria’s Secret of capitalizing on this ingenious idea to sell its Pink line. The company is also upset Victoria’s Secret packages clothing in the shape of lollipops, bonbons, and ice-cream cones, much like Juicy Couture’s Sweet Shoppe. The Daily News reports the company wants Victoria’s Secret to destroy all offending merchandise and cough up three times the profits it made on the clothes.

This is not the first lawsuit over the Pink line and certainly not the first lawsuit for Juicy. Phat Fashions sued Victoria’s Secret for copying its logo for the Pink line, then Victoria’s Secret sued Macy’s for copying its Pink line with the retailer’s Pinkish line. Juicy recently sued for trademark infringement, and previously sued Jewish Website and clothing company Jewcy. Can’t we all just get along?

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Juicy Sues! This Time, It’s Victoria’s Secret