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Karl Lagerfeld Becomes a Video-Game Character

The pursed lips are a nice touch, but we’re pretty
sure Karl wears bow ties now.Photo:

Karl Lagerfeld will appear in the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. Yes, we mean the video game, and yes, that means a digital likeness of him. Tickles, doesn’t it? He won’t be picking up hookers and bustin’ caps on drug dealers’ asses, sadly. In a more docile role, the Kaiser will provide a soundtrack to the more illicit activities as a D.J. on the game’s radio station. This means players can cruise around and listen to Karl talk, “play music,” and generally be an overarching presence in the game. Fabulous! WWD reports Lagerfeld “picked his favorite electronica and dance music and peppered the selection with some of his rapid-fire commentary.” (His iPod nanny must have helped with that.) For a sneak preview of the “rapid-fire” part, enjoy some choice Kaiser quotes about the whole project after the jump.

On meeting the executives of Rockstar Games and inking the deal:

Lagerfeld … called the encounter a “friendship at first sight.” He didn’t hesitate about participating. “They are the games of our times,” he said. “Those games in a way changed the world.”

On killing hookers and bustin’ caps:

“They had written a politically incorrect dialogue,” the designer said. “I loved it, [particularly] in a time when everybody wants to be so politically correct when they talk.”

On his qualifications for the role:

“Music is part of the life of fashion, too,” he said. “Through the famous sound stylist Michel Gaubert, I’m very much ‘au courant’ and know what’s going on.”

On controller aversion and his future:

“I prefer to be in a video than to play with it,” Lagerfeld said. “I would love to be a very nasty, politically incorrect character.”

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Karl Lagerfeld Becomes a Video-Game Character