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Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘iPod Nanny’

Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, Courtesy of Apple Computer

The beginning of any career starts with a certain amount of grunt work. But in the fashion industry each newbie must decide at which point said grunt work equals a loss of dignity and then at which point said humiliation will be worth the payoff for whatever leg up may or may not materialize. With more aspirants than jobs to fill people readily sacrifice their dignity for a job in this shallow, crazy, Xanax-riddled world of ours (our Condé Nast days still give us night sweats, which is why we now annoy our cube neighbors by preaching the magic of Ambien). Take the job of “iPod nanny” employed by a “certain designer” with more than 100 iPods (read Karl Lagerfeld):

It should therefore come as little surprise that said designer employs someone to look after them, in the manner of a librarian. Your initial gig, should you choose to pursue this career course, will be to upload your boss’s CD collection on to the gadgets. Thereafter, your role will be to source new beats to keep your employer at the fore of sonic cool.

Well, this is a highly disappointing revelation. We’d have sworn the Kaiser came out of the womb on the fore of all things cool, white ponytail, sunglasses, and waistcoats included. And apparently he pays people to be that way. Ugh! This industry is faker than Heidi Montag’s lips sometimes. Excuse us while we throw a moderately full file folder on our desk and huff off.

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Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘iPod Nanny’