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Lagerfeld Wants Frances Bean Cobain for Chanel

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Karl Lagerfeld reportedly wants Frances Bean Cobain to star in the next Chanel ad campaign. The 15-year-old daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love doesn’t look like a typical model, but she’s already appeared in several “upmarket” American magazines. Mama Love, however, isn’t so thrilled about handing her daughter over to the Kaiser. We must admit, it does sound creepy. She’s been chatting the idea over with Karl, a source told the Daily Mail.

Lagerfeld’s interest in grunge child Cobain comes as no great surprise considering his love affair with Amy Winehouse. We wondered why WiHo hadn’t been tapped for the gig but then learned Cobain is known for her lovely porcelain skin — whereas WiHo has impetigo and any number of “cat” scratches that never go away. Not very Chanel.

Smells like teen spirit … Cobain’s girl for Chanel [Daily Mail]

Lagerfeld Wants Frances Bean Cobain for Chanel