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Kate Hudson Likes Day After Makeup; Vegan Men’s Products Launch

• Kate Hudson landed the cover of People’s “100 Most Beautiful” issue in which she discloses she loves the next-day-makeup look after sleeping in it without washing her face. We’re betting her professionally applied stuff holds up better than our attempt at smoky eyes. [People]

• Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, the doc behind the Derm Blog, writes that Matthew McConaughey doesn’t like wearing deodorant and astutely notes even Matthew can’t pull this one off. Also, applying deodorant to a smelly pit won’t work. [Derm Blog]

• Organic Grooming is a recently launched line of men’s vegan personal-care products. The shaving cream is made from organic aloe, lavender, and peppermint. Honestly, what doesn’t come in “vegan” these days? [Josh Spear]

• Expect to see plenty more skin-care and fragrance products by Gap and Banana Republic. They just signed a four-year licensing deal with Inter Parfums for international distribution of their products. This is a good thing. You do remember Gap’s Dream fragrance, right? [Cosmetic News]

• Sephora’s summer collection includes safari-themed items, such as two shadow palettes for $26 each. Zebra has an aqua-teal color with purple and some light nudes (that’s a zebra we’ve never seen), and Giraffe features gold with green highlights. [15 Minute Beauty Fanatic]

• We like the idea of DuWop’s Doubleglow 7. It’s supposed to get rid of the dark circles under eyes and acts as both a primer and concealer for only $25. [Beauty & the Blog/Sephora]

• If your thisclose to getting a spray tan so you don’t feel inadequate on your Memorial Day beach getaway, reconsider. The Sonia Kashuk Spray Bronzer is just $13 as part of a limited-edition Target line. [Bella Sugar]

Kate Hudson Likes Day After Makeup; Vegan Men’s Products Launch