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Keith Richards Is Not One of Those Green People

Richards for Vuitton.Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

With all the Green Issues of magazines on newsstands this month and yesterday’s Earth Day frenzy and the onslaught of ecofriendly products and Hindmarch-esque bags, we sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by “green.” It’s not that we don’t care about keeping it green (our lovely New York office is green, after all), but digesting so much of it as of late has taken a toll on our green attention span. Apparently, we’re not alone. Remember the ad Keith Richards did for Louis Vuitton? Rather than pay him for his, er, hard work, Vuitton donated a bunch of money to Al Gore’s Foundation. But that’s not why Richards did the ads. He told the London Times this:

I can’t say I’m bothered about the fate of the planet. I got a guitar case out of Louis Vuitton. They paid me a lot of money and it’s all going to charity.

Something’s just not right when Keith Richards is the only person we feel like we identify with. We’re going to go recycle something now.

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Keith Richards Is Not One of Those Green People