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Laura Mercier’s Woes; Tracking Counterfeit Cosmetics

Laura Mercier Photo: Getty Images

• Laura Mercier: “I go from hot to cold, humid to dry, I take medication for asthma that dries my skin out like crazy, I’m tortured.” Tell us about it! Today we went from inside to outside to inside and took an Advil. [Calgary Herald]

• Liz Claiborne Cosmetics uses special technology to track counterfeit beauty products. In Europe 1.6 million were seized in 2006, and in the U.S. many are sold on sketchy eBay. [Cosmetic News]

• Dior’s new palate of gold-hued eye shadows is really, really awesome, but a hint too frosty. We thought only cupcakes had that problem. [Temptalia]

• The summer collection from Zoya launched today called Chit Chat. Beauty bloggers are really excited about it because the shades are named after them. “This is better than Christmas!” one writes. To each her own. [Makeup Bag]

• Natura Bliss’s oxygen therapy Finishing Mask was so successful the brand’s launching another oxygen-saturated product for the body. You can get it at Neiman Marcus for $80. Or if you’re on a budget just stand naked in the middle of a bunch of houseplants. [Beauty Snob]

Laura Mercier’s Woes; Tracking Counterfeit Cosmetics