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Lauren Bush: Ex-Model, Feed Bag Maker, and Probable Democrat

Lauren Bush with her best accessories: the Feed

Bag and beau David Lauren.Photo: Getty Images

At the rather interesting Theory party last night we bumped into our favorite Bush: George W.’s model (and hence somewhat of a rebel) niece, Lauren Bush. We couldn’t help but ask if she’d come up with any fabulous poses lately. “No, I’ve kind of stepped away from modeling to really focus on my company, on my nonprofit work,” she said. Sniff. Really? “I loved it and it was a great way to really get introduced to the fashion world. But I’m happy to be on the business-design side now. It’s a little more empowering. It’s a little more meaningful.” Psh. What could be more meaningful than frolicking in front of cameras in other people’s designs? Apparently the offensive-looking Feed Bag (sorry, Lauren, we know the purchase of each Feed Bag feeds a child, but we’re just not down with them aesthetically).

So Bush might be through with a profession her family never really approved of, but that doesn’t mean she’ll stop upsetting them. Like, say, with her thoughts on the election. “I think this election is very exciting. I mean, to have a woman and a black man as leading candidates is pretty amazing, and it’s about time,” she said. So does that mean she’s going for a Democrat? “I’m going to vote for the candidate — I’m not going to vote for someone … you know … you have to look at the whole picture,” she stuttered. So her vote’s up in the air? “Well, my family isn’t … Yeah, I’d say my vote is in the air. I don’t want to talk about it.” Atta girl! — Andrew Goldstein

Lauren Bush: Ex-Model, Feed Bag Maker, and Probable Democrat