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On the Matter of Miley Cyrus’s Bedsheet

It’s a Champagne stole, mkay?Photo:

No, you can’t outrun the Miley Cyrus “scandal” this morning. But admit it — you don’t really want to, anyway. (We mean, as far as scandals go, it’s pretty gentle.) And if you thought everyone said their piece on the “issue” yesterday, you were so wrong. Vanity Fair’s fashion and style director Michael Roberts chimes in today in WWD. He can’t believe how much the story was blown up and suggests that other magazines envy Vanity Fair for the photo, which they probably do, considering Vanity Fair’s site got over 4 million hits yesterday, thanks to the kerfuffle. He’s also upset he’s being deemed as “cajoling” Cyrus into the photo. “That we literally manhandled her into stripping is completely not true,” he says. Fair enough.

Cyrus and child-molester innuendos aside, there’s also the deeply upsetting matter of the bedsheet:

[Roberts] also objected to the characterization of Cyrus’ attire as a bedsheet. “It’s a duchess satin stole, Champagne, specially made — I had several made for different photo shoots. I thought this one was really appropriate. It’s about 83 inches long. She’s not wrapped in something skimpy. She had her jeans on. She looked at the screen and loved the picture.”

Maybe if it had been a simple, white Martha Stewart Collection for Kmart sheet, Miley would have hated it, backed out of the photo, and the scandal would have been averted. See? It’s those high-quality fabrics that seduced young Miley. Put the blame where it’s due, people!

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On the Matter of Miley Cyrus’s Bedsheet