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Lookie! Kate Hudson Has Scary Blue Hair!

Aaaaaah!Photo: Splashnews

• Kate Hudson sported blue-streaked hair on the set of her new movie Bride Wars. We’re not sure what scares us more: Hudson’s blue hair or that they’re actually making a movie called Bride Wars. [People Off the Rack]

• Hooray for politically correct hair tools! The new Mosaic collection of hairbrushes, combs, rollers, and wraps from Goody are specifically made for textured hair, whether it’s relaxed, natural, curly, wavy, or whatever else you can come up with. The brand consulted with Chuck Amos, hairstylist to Alicia Keys and Kelis, to develop the line. [Spoiled Pretty]

• If honey’s a good skin moisturizer, is it good for hair too? No! Because — get this — it’s sticky. [Beauty Brains]

Ralph Lauren’s new scent is called Wild, but it smells anything but. Many say the fruity scent is better left to teenagers. [The Daily Obsession]

• “You’re Bluffing” by Benefit Cosmetics is a concealer stick that hides redness. You know, like all good concealers do. [British Vogue]

Lookie! Kate Hudson Has Scary Blue Hair!