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Lydia Hearst for ‘Gossip Girl’; Feed Bags Proliferate

Future ‘Gossip Girl’Photo: Getty Images

• Model Lydia Hearst will appear on Gossip Girl, which is really fate, since she’s rich and beautiful (gag). She’ll probably play a bad girl and only has a minor role. We’re still deciding if we hope her character sticks around, since this could be either really nauseating or really awesomely nauseating. [NYP]

• Lauren Bush’s Feed Bags will be sold at every Whole Foods location in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. We know they benefit the U.N. World Food Program, but we don’t understand why she couldn’t have come up with something less ugly. [WWD]

• Richard Tisci, artistic director of Givenchy, will serve as president for the fashion jury for the Hyeres festival, which showcases up-and-coming design and photography talents. [British Vogue]

• If you don’t know anything about the Hyeres festival, watch this really cool, really creepy video about it by fashion’s Dark Lady, Diane Pernet. [Style Bubble]

• Bergdorf opened a Balenciaga boutique on Monday. Tank tops start at $225. One dress is over $15k. Giddyap! [WWD]

• When the Pope was in town on Saturday, the Fifth Avenue Lacoste store suffered a drop in business, since its entrance was blocked for five hours. That darn Pope. [WWD]

• Pete Wentz: “I love H&M and Urban Outfitters.… I’m so not above shopping there or anything. They have such cool stuff, and it’s not expensive.” Because there are so many things Wentz could be “so above.” [WWD]

• Yay! Paisley is in for spring! [WWD]

• Here are some photos of Claudia Schiffer’s Chanel ads. Damn her. [Fab Sugar]

• One day, they say skirts are back; one day, they say dresses are back. We don’t think either ever went anywhere, but here’s a list of all the dress styles that are “back,” in case you need a newspaper article to tell you shirt dresses and ruffle dresses are acceptable. [U.K. Times]

• Chinese apparel makers are recruiting young, talented designers from Europe. In one case, three quit after five months, because living in China is not as fabulous as it is freaking difficult. [WSJ]

• Spice Girl Mel B. is the new face of Ultimo underwear. She says she never diets and works out three times a week at the gym, proving not all lingerie models have to get up at 5 a.m. every day to work out for three hours, which we just don’t believe any really enjoy. [Mirror]

Lydia Hearst for ‘Gossip Girl’; Feed Bags Proliferate