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Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Christina Aguilera Win Top Fragrance Awards

Coochy coochy coo — okay, we’ll stop.Photo:


• The Fifi Awards for fragrances were held last night in London. Marc Jacobs won best new women’s fragrance for Daisy. Tom Ford for Men won best new men’s prestige fragrance. And Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera won as the people’s choice for favorite celebrity fragrance. Lord, she has a fragrance, too? [Now Smell This]

• Bobbi Brown will soon release Almost Bare, a slightly floral, light, clean, and fresh fragrance. But if you just can’t wait to spend your money, you can preorder it at Neiman Marcus online. [Now Smell This]

• Remember when we told you Kate Hudson was promoting David Babaii hair products for Wild Aid? Well, the pics are out! And, we hate to say it, but the way she snuggles lion cubs is disgustingly cute. [Sugar Shock Beauty]

• Gucci Westman signed on to be Revlon’s new global artistic director. She came from Lancôme, so she could make major product upgrades at the Rev. Fingers crossed. [WWD]

• Sales of anti-redness products, like those that treat rosacea, have increased 35 percent (that’s $300 million) from 2002 to 2007. [NYT]

• Avon scooped up Miley Cyrus (actually, her alter ego, Hannah Montana, but who can keep all these names straight?) to market a bath-and-body collection to tweens. That means pictures of Hannah’s smiling face splattered with pink and purple. And, of course, butterflies and flowers. [Product Girl]

• The neon collection from Essie is full of bright colors and cheesy names. Shorty Pants is neon yellow, Short Shorts is bubblegum pink, and there are two other colors with “shorts” in the names. Because nail polish always makes one think of…shorts. [Fashion Week Daily]

Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Christina Aguilera Win Top Fragrance Awards