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Marketing Gold: Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur

Watch out, wedding industry!Photo: Getty Images

The smart-marketing award of the day goes to — gasp — it’s a tie! Kate Moss and Agent Provocateur! Congratulations to Moss, who smartly blathered to some Dutch people she’d soon marry rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince, and to Agent Provocateur, for confirming Moss as the next official face of their bridal line. Moss capitalizes on rumors, Agent Provocateur capitalizes on Moss, brides across the world buy naughty garters, and everybody wins! Well, perhaps with the exception of grooms. According to British Vogue:

A spokesperson for the label confirmed to us this morning that Nick Knight has already shot a series of six images for the campaign, in which Moss stars as a bride who, we are tantalisingly told, has a “last minute change of heart”.

So the message to Agent Provocateur bridal customers is something like “Buy our high-waisted panties and steal away with the hot catering waiter for that last hurrah that makes you realize the mistake you’re about to make”? “Divorce is on the rise, but it doesn’t have to sap your sexy”? “Kate Moss isn’t really getting married”? Marketing gold, we tell you.

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Marketing Gold: Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur