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Meet Anna Wintour’s New Assistant

Claiborne SwansonPhoto: Patrick McMullan

Who’s got the job a million girls would kill for? Claiborne Swanson, that’s who! The little cherub has just been “promoted” from public-relations associate at Vogue to Anna Wintour’s assistant. Even though our gut tells us we wouldn’t last very long in that position, we’ve always wondered what that job is really like and envy that Clay (can we call her Clay? It’s so much easier than Claiborne) gets to find out. Besides, it would be a real treat to scope out Anna’s outfits up close and personal every single day. So who is Miss Clay, the person? According to SF Luxe, she was the buyer at Beau boutique in San Francisco. She pops up in New York Social Diary and Patrick McMullan — always in charming outfits, of course. But the coolest thing about Clay is she’s a Swanson, as in Swanson TV dinners.

So good luck, girlfriend! Treat yourself to some spa time this weekend before the stress prematurely ages you.

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Meet Anna Wintour’s New Assistant