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Men Can Pad Their Nether Regions, Too

A few weeks ago, we told you about “Booty Pop Panties,” the padded underwear that makes your ass look bigger. Well, Kelly Ripa went nuts over them on Live With Regis and Kelly the other day so, not to be out-assed, Regis found a version of the undergarment for men called “Bottoms Up” and bandied them about on air today. Unlike the Booty Pop Panties, these appear to come with a padded back and a padded front. Here’s a product description:

• A defining centre back seam separates our butt pads creating an anatomically correct bottom for a more natural look.

• Our contoured front pouch, allows for comfort, style and support from the double layer of fabric…

• For first time optimum effect we suggest you put your jeans or pants on BEFORE you look in the mirror.

• The weight and fit of your pants compresses the pads — the most natural look is achieved with you pants on.

You can even purchase extra pads in “Quarterback,” “Halfback,” and “Fullback” sizes. Is this supposed to appeal to women? Because we think a nice cologne is a better route than sub-pant bulges.

Bottoms Up [Bottoms Up via Jezebel]
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Men Can Pad Their Nether Regions, Too