What We and Everyone Else Think About Miley Cyrus in ‘Vanity Fair’

Ahh! Her back is showing!Photo: Vanity Fair

By now you’ve heard of Miley Cyrus’s risqué photo in the June issue of Vanity Fair. Honestly, with all the fuss you’d think Lauren Conrad’s sex tape came out or something (don’t get any ideas, you Hills stars, you). Not to say we told you so, but we have noted that it’s only a matter of time before fame overwhelms poor little Cyrus and she succumbs to flashing skin and bathroom runs. But while this photo is rather inappropriate for a 15-year-old, we’re not sure this captures her succumbing. In other words, parents can probably hold off on the Hannah Montana bonfires. For now at least. After all, there’s no side boob cleavage and we’ve seen the girl in very low-cut dresses before.

But we’re not the only blog with opinions. After the jump, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Miley Cyrus blog posts of the day.

Glam Chic notes that the white-sheet photo shoot is a “rite of passage for many of Hollywood’s most beloved stars.” They’ve compiled images of some memorable white-sheet magazine covers, including Jennifer Aniston and her naked rear on the cover of Rolling Stone and New York’s Gossip Girl cover from last week’s issue.

Gawker explains the meaning of “grooming” as it relates to child molesters. They follow it with behind-the-scenes photos of Cyrus getting primped for the shoot which they find rather creepy.

• Mediabistro’s Fishbowl got a photographer’s perspective from the former photography director of Men’s Journal and Outside. He said Leibovitz probably doesn’t know enough about Cyrus to realize that such a photograph would be so poorly received since she’s too busy to research her subjects.

Perez Hilton published Annie Leibovitz’s statement. She thinks the photo is beautiful and everyone’s misinterpreting it.

The Superficial looked at the behind-the-scenes photos, too, and writes, “I put on my detective hat and tried to find the gun in these photos that Annie Leibovitz used to force defenseless Miley Cyrus to pose for these pictures, but so far no dice. I thought I saw Adolf Hitler with a machete and had cracked this case wide open but it was just a palm tree.” They also have a clip of the View ladies discussing the photo, the “sassiest barrage of sass this side of Sassylvania.”

Nicole Bitchy has a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot and also notes Cyrus doesn’t look uncomfortable or worried. The blog also says that Miley was never a good role model anyway, so who cares?

What We and Everyone Else Think About Miley Cyrus in ‘Vanity Fair’