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MTV to Overdramatize Fashion Week for ‘True Life’

Coming soon to MTV.Photo: Getty Images

MTV — the network of choice for tweens who think Lauren Conrad is a fashion icon — is running a special True Life marathon starting tomorrow. The first episode? “True Life: I’ve Been to Fashion Week.” The whole dog and pony show kicks off at 2 p.m. Reads the description:

Once a year, the biggest event in fashion comes to New York City. It’s Fashion Week — where designers from all over the world show off their latest collections. If you want your hemlines in the headlines, it’s the only week that matters. On this episode of True Life, you’ll meet three young people with big dreams hoping that fashion week will provide the lift that gets their careers soaring.

But, um, there are two Fashion Weeks in NYC, MTV. Maybe get that sorted out before sending this out? Just sayin’.

Anyhow, then we saw that the rest of the day’s programming list, including “I’m an Alcoholic” and “I Need Anger Management,” and we wondered if we’d underestimated the network. Wow, it’s like MTV is talking right to us (and Naomi Campbell)! Maybe they understand us, after all. Then we saw that these were followed by “I’m Happy to Be Fat.” As if. [Tosses hair.] —Noelle Hancock

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MTV to Overdramatize Fashion Week for ‘True Life’