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Naomi Campbell to Guest-Star on ‘Ugly Betty’

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Brace yourselves: Naomi Campbell will appear in Ugly Betty’s season finale. So go program your TiVo now! Becki Newton, who plays the receptionist on the show, revealed to reporters at a party that Campbell would guest-star, and ABC later confirmed the report.

The guest role sounds like a perfect way for Campbell to bounce back from the bad press surrounding her recent arrest at Heathrow and subsequent purported ban from British Airways. After all, Britney Spears’s guest role on How I Met Your Mother seemed to, if not totally, certainly help to regroup her marbles into a tidier pile — no small feat. Past Ugly Betty guest stars include Gene Simmons and Victoria Beckham, who both played themselves. Beckham was a real sport hamming up her Posh-ness for her cameo, and we hope Naomi Campbell is equally amenable to self-mockery if she plays herself. We mean, can you imagine her cracking jokes about chucking BlackBerrys or aircraft bans or just throwing pretend temper tantrums? You know, as long as she leaves her real temper at home and all the prop staplers and pencil cups stay firmly in place, if you catch our drift.

In case you forgot how awesome Posh’s guest spot was, we’ve got a clip of it after the jump, in which Vera Wang also herself gives her a booty pop.

Naomi Campbell to appear in ‘Ugly Betty’ season finale

Naomi Campbell to Guest-Star on ‘Ugly Betty’