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Nina Garcia Likely to Return to ‘Project Runway’; Naomi Campbell Lies

And there she shall remain.Photo: Getty Images

• Harvey Weinstein is confident Nina Garcia will return to judging duties on Project Runway whether or not she accepts the at-large editorship at Elle. So it sounds like Elle needs Nina more than Nina needs Elle. [WWD]

• After British Airlines reportedly banned Naomi Campbell for throwing a temper tantrum on one of their planes, Campbell claims British Airways begged her to fly with them again. Naturally she refused because of their “complete disrespect” for passengers. It’s really kind of endearing how full of it she is. [NYP]

• Design director for Marc by Marc Jacobs Fred Tremblay might move to Coach. Word is the Marc Jacobs threw him a farewell party last night. [WWD]

• The Italian Advertising Association banned an ad for Tom Ford sunglasses that depicts a finger in a woman’s mouth because it’s too sexually explicit. But the ad depicting a naked woman grabbing some dude’s junk is okay. [Radar]

• Seven for All Mankind’s next advertising campaign was shot in front of late architect Phillip Johnson’s iconic glass house. It was shot by Patrick Demarchelier, who says it’s the first time the structure has been photographed. At least it’s being used to sell jeans. [WWD]

• Our stock fantasies dashed! Giorgio Armani says he’s not interested in taking his company public or funding from private equities but hints L’Oréal might buy him out. [WWD]

• Bloggers like to poll their readers about how they should style their hair and beards. Readers like to weigh in because it creates a personal connection rather than a “blog content connection.” Creepy. [NYT]

• Have you noticed designers are obsessed with cartoons?! That’s why the Costume Institute’s next exhibition is superhero-themed, featuring a Batman costume from the forthcoming sequel that’s “so padded it looks like the interior of a Buick.” Har. [NYT]

• Carson Kressley named his new horse Page Six. At least we know what he’s up to these days? [NYP]

May Andersen seemed really nervous at the dog competition she judged at the Chopard store the other day because “no one was directing her.” Judging dogs and getting your picture taken is hard, okay? [NYP]

• Natasha Bedingfield ate dinner with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt at Kobe Club. We presume she survived since we haven’t heard otherwise. [NYDN]

• Stacy London was partying at Taj with Friend and decided to leave when Cop told Friend not to smoke in the lobby. When Cop recognized London, he said Friend could smoke if London called Cop’s Wife to say hello. [NYDN]

Nina Garcia Likely to Return to ‘Project Runway’; Naomi Campbell Lies