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When Makeup Takes Over Your Life, It Can Ruin Your Life

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• Paula Abdul’s four-hour daily beauty routine is getting in the way of her love life. The 45-year-old’s relationship is reportedly on the rocks because it takes her too long to leave the house. Getting ready takes time, but four hours is a tad excessive. [MSNBC]

• Kim Kardashian posted her entire beauty routine on her blog. Whew! Now we can fall asleep at night. We must say, though, the girl knows a thing or two about eyeliner. [Official Kim Kardashian]

• Anna Sui’s limited-edition Dolly Girl Lil’ Starlet scent comes in a bottle with bearing a cartoon girl with a freaky death stare. One commenter said it looks like “Bride of Chucky.” Brilliant marketing plan indeed. [Now Smell This]

• In May, Saks will launch a new department in stores called the Beauty of Living Well, which will sell luxury natural and holistic products. Earth Day’s rapidly approaching. Get used to it. [WWD]

• Wipe the grit off your face: Clean & Clear’s Steam In-Shower Facial is a one-minute exfoliating scrub. It’s thick, gray, and gritty, but we have to confess we use this stuff and it’s kind of a miracle worker. [15 Minute Beauty Fanatic]

• Pucci partnered with Guerlain to develop Vivara Body Crème. Like everything Pucci, it has a great print on the packaging. Plus, it smells like lemon and tangerine and provides a sheer shimmer, which would be great for us if we had anything close to a tan. [Fashion Week Daily]

When Makeup Takes Over Your Life, It Can Ruin Your Life