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Heidi and Spencer’s New Show; More ‘Project Runway’ Drama

AIX models in London yesterday.Photo: vogue.co.uk

• Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are probably going to get their own show on MTV about planning their wedding and newlywed life. God help us. [NYP]

• Harvey Weinstein says he and NBC’s Jeff Zucker will be friends again once the drama over sneakily selling Project Runway to Lifetime instead of NBC blows over. Zucker is still pissed and jokes about filing a defamation lawsuit against Weinstein, who used to talk up their friendship. Oh, he doesn’t need Project — he can just go into comedy! [NYP]

• Nina Garcia ate lunch at BG restaurant in Bergdorf yesterday with three stylish ladies. She’s still mulling over Elle’s offer of a lesser title on which her Project Runway judgeship supposedly hinges. [NYP]

• Armani Exchange launched its new underwear line in London yesterday. In honor of the occasion some greased-up male models donned the skivvies at the new London AIX store. Sadly, David Beckham didn’t model, and we weren’t there to see any of it. [British Vogue]

• Stella McCartney just signed a licensing deal to make sunglasses. Woopdeedoo. [British Vogue]

• Escada shareholders are peeved the new CEO got $1.1 million for his first five months in office. Psh — chump change.[WWD]

• Kate Moss lost a bag at Terminal 5 in Heathrow (join the club), and she’s pissed because it contained a $20,000 gift from her friend Fran Cutler. Why one would pack anything of value in a checked bag going to Heathrow is beyond us. [Modelsblog]

• Abercrombie Kids is moving into the space on Fifth Avenue that Brooks Bros. is vacating. Skinny bitches who wear kids’ clothes rejoice! [WWD]

• Balenciaga will open its first ecommerce site for U.S. shoppers on May 15 offering bags, scarves, and shoes. What — we’re not good enough for the clothes over here? [WWD]

• Gucci and Armani also have some new Web stuff going on. Sounds like designers are finally catching on to that new thing, the “Internet.” [WWD]

• Did you know Vidal Sassoon used to fight Fascists after WWII with a group of Jewish ex-servicemen when he wasn’t doing hair? Well, now you do! [WWD]

• The Barneys flagship is redesigning the sixth floor to make it feel “more sexy.” We knew that’s what always bothered us about it. [WWD]

• Posh Spice and David Beckham are trying to get luxury brands to contribute to the gift bags for their joint birthday party in L.A. Um, yeah, if we were them, we’d do the same thing. [NYP]

• George Gurley thought Christina Ricci was the face of Louis Vuitton when he interviewed her for BlackBook magazine, and she told him Scarlett Johansson does that now. The fool! [WWD]

• Messengers are afraid to go into the Nylon building because there are “crazy barking dogs” in there. Oh my. [NYP]

• Here’s a slideshow of Oprah in some of her best outfits. Really? Oprah? [Guardian]

Heidi and Spencer’s New Show; More ‘Project Runway’ Drama