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Teens Love Rachel Bilson, Victoria’s Secret, and Hot Topic

Teen baitPhoto: Getty Images

• Juniors-department customers don’t want to buy jeans there, turning instead to the contemporary department — but DKNY plans to lure them back with Rachel Bilson’s forthcoming juniors’ denim line. Ooh, the suspense! [WWD]

• The CEO of Limited Brands, Inc. makes, like, $6 million less than the CEO of Victoria’s Secret — and Vicki’s is owned by Limited Brands. Ahem. [WWD]

• The top ten clothing chains most frequented by teenage girls include Old Navy, American Eagle, and Victoria’s Secret. The ninth most frequented was Hot Topic. So long as Avril Lavigne’s line is squeezing in there. [WWD]

• Get thee to the library: Supermodel turned novelist Sophie Dahl’s first and “somewhat biographical” novel about a teenage girl and her eccentric mother lands in the U.S. this week. [British Vogue]

• Who knew? Wearing dark sunglasses every day is a beauty regimen! Otherwise you’ll walk around squinting, your eyes will age quickly, and then everyone will judge you. [WSJ]

• Things Karl Lagerfeld dislikes include overweight people, kids, food, and Diane Von Furstenberg. [Jezebel]

• Have you seen the new Matthew McConaughey fragrance ad for Dolce & Gabbana? His hair’s all slicked back, and it looks like he’s trying not to laugh. Us too. [Team Sugar]

Hills star Audrina supposedly locks the door to her room in the apartment she shares with Lauren Conrad because Lauren’s cats pee on her rug. Just to make sure we all understand here: L.C. is a cat lady. [NYP]

• Speaking of Lauren Conrad, she is going to blog for NHL.com. Yes, about hockey. “I’m blogging about the NHL playoffs because I love live hockey and I thought this would be a fun way to get more involved with the post-season,” she said in a statement. Well, that gives us a reason to care about hockey. We guess. [AP]

• There’s a store in Chicago that sells stuff Oprah used to own. [NYT]

• Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t look hip. Start with cranberry-colored jeans? [WP]

• Black fringe may be a little tribal, but it sure is hot this spring because it’s fun and swingy. [NYT]

Sasha Pivovarova is Zac Posen’s favorite model. [British Vogue]

• French Connection is relaunching its Website. Now you can buy bags, shoes, and kids’ clothes on it. Yay for e-commerce. [British Vogue]

Teens Love Rachel Bilson, Victoria’s Secret, and Hot Topic