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Ralph Lauren Dresses Olympians

Photo Illustration: Getty Images; Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

After being outfitted by Roots Ltd. for the past three Olympic Games, about 1,500 American athletes will be dressed by Ralph Lauren Polo in Beijing this summer. Originally Roots was on track to outfit the team yet again this year, but the U.S. Olympic Committee then decided their designs were “too informal.” (Because our athletes should take it to the next level with high-end tracksuits and petticoats? Whatever.) According to Fashion Week Daily, the formal informal attire will finally answer the question of how many logos can actually fit on a single uniform:

At the Olympic Village and at closing ceremonies, athletes will wear a wardrobe of V-neck tennis sweaters and ties, Polo mesh shirts with the word “Beijing” written in oversized Chinese characters, and cargo pants. The color scheme will be a patriotic palette of red, white, and blue. Polo ponies will also make an appearance on the garments. Additionally, the Olympic logo featured on the new uniforms may include a replica of a crest with stars and stripes used by the 1932 U.S. Olympic team at the Los Angeles Games.

Make a mental note now: Our guys and gals will wear the busy uniforms. A Ralph Lauren Polo spokesperson admitted to earning under $10 million for the deal. The company’s okay with the paltry sum because the venture provides an opportunity to spread its tentacles to China, where Polo don’t have nearly as much going on as its European counterparts. And that, folks, is the sort of competitive-market spirit that these games are all about.

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Ralph Lauren Dresses Olympians