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Real, Live British Folk Will Work at the New York Topshop

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We love London, but let’s be honest: With the dollar wallowing in a dirty puddle right now and the British pound laughing at it from on high, we won’t be making any trips across the pond anytime soon. Sigh. But on the bright side, that gives us all the more reason to get super pumped about the Topshop opening in Soho in October. Yes, we’ve still got a Topshop of our very own on the way, stocked with merchandise that doesn’t come with a shitastic exchange rate and even includes the delightful Sweets Shoppe.* What could be better? More British stuff to go with all of that, that’s what! Good thing Topshop owner Sir Phillip Green has answered the call.

Today we learn that Green has every intention of keeping Topshop as British as possible, such that he plans to fly in English Topshop staff to run the New York store during its opening weeks. You know, for that authentic, accented experience. Green is also considering setting loose a fleet of London’s iconic red double-decker buses on New York streets in honor of the store’s launch. Cute, but this could get dicey considering the city is already clogged with double-decker tourist buses — then again, we’re determined to stay optimistic about all things involving our very own Topshop and are thus willing to gloss over this facet of the promotion for the time being. Now if Green could bring over a handful of quaint pubs with cheap-chips specials and cold Guinness on tap, we’d be all set.

*If the Sweet Shoppe fails to excite you, we are concerned — perhaps you should see someone.

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Real, Live British Folk Will Work at the New York Topshop