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Richie Rich Shares More About His Unicorn Love

He’s like a unicorn.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Richie Rich & Co. sure do love their unicorns. But surely not all unicorns are horny beasts? We had to clear this little matter up with Mr. Rich at the Chloë Sevingy–less Nylon party the other night.

We grew up with unicorns being really pure, influential beings. You said they’re really horny. What’s up with that?
Well, I said they had horns.

But do they screw a lot?
No, I didn’t mean technically horny. They have horns, they’re fun, they run around. When I said unicorns were horny, I meant because they have horns — but if they are horny, too, that’s cool.

So it’s Nylon’s ninth anniversary, and Chloë Sevigny is supposed to be here…
I bet she’s off running with the unicorns through the forest. I knew her from when she was a raver. We were club kids together. She’s probably wandering through … Unicorns can stand for many things … beautiful girls …

What do you think of Chloë’s line for Opening Ceremony?
It’s floral, it’s very girlie. She loves fashion.

So what’s next for you after M.A.C?
I am doing a record coming out July 1, which I am stoked about. And coming back to unicorns, the first ever record I did was for Japan and I had a unicorn horn on actually on the cover. Actually, yes, on the cover I was like a unicorn.

Passerby: “Thank you for making me beautiful!”
Richie: Mwah! —Sarah Maslin Nir

Richie Rich Shares More About His Unicorn Love