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Rihanna’s Nail Styles and Solutions for Greasy Hair

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• Rihanna wears a different nail-polish color, like, every day so obviously you should too. Here are six ideas. [All Lacquered Up]

• This seven-paneled mirror allows you to check yourself out from seven different angles all at once and redefine narcissism in the process. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• You know those blotting sheets that rid faces of oil? Well, now they make the same thing to degrease hair. [Beauty Snob]

• The New York Streets hair-care line features shampoos, conditioners, and gels with a nutty scent that promise to save hair from summer humidity. Also, they look like graffiti spray-paint cans. Who said hair products can’t be bad? [Makeup Loves Me]

• Shadow Shields protect under eyes from the raccoon rings created by falling eye shadow during makeup application. They look like Band-Aids, so maybe you can just use those. [Kiss and Makeup]

• M.A.C’s forthcoming Dress Camp collection comes in animal-print cases. Because the bright-pink cases of Heatherette’s line just weren’t enough. [Kiss and Makeup]

Rihanna’s Nail Styles and Solutions for Greasy Hair