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Roberto Cavalli on the Whole Bump-Watch Thing

J. Lo in her tragic pregnant-performance outfit by

Cavalli.Photo: Getty Images

Contrary to what the tabloids would have us think, pregnant is not the new black. We were convinced that pregnancy spreads like a happy airborne virus in Hollywood these days, especially since being with child attracts the kind of good, wholesome exposure female celebrities want. But even though in Demi Moore posed nude at seven months pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair back in 1991, stars just aren’t keen on exposing big, pregnant bellies anymore. The trend in the 00s, experts say, is to keep brewing zygotes secret. Take Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, who never made official announcements about their pregnancies, creating some of the most frenzied bump watches of our time (we assume — we can’t say we paid attention).

Why keep the bumps so secret? Roberto Cavalli, who famously confirmed that J.Lo’s bump warranted watching when he offhandedly remarked it was challenging to design a concert outfit for her during her pregnancy, says pregnancy is “just a matter of cherishing and nurturing your small little treasure, and keeping it safe. Maybe, this is the reason why so many famous women are not revealing their state until the very last minute.” You didn’t take Cavalli for a mushy family man, did you? He even told Harper’s Bazaar he sent Lopez clothes for her “small little treasures.” We confess we didn’t really know he made kids’ clothes either. Here’s hoping he didn’t cobble them out of leftover fabric from Lopez’s pregnant concert garb. They’d be exiled from the sandbox in no time.

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Roberto Cavalli on the Whole Bump-Watch Thing