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Scary Spice’s Breasts Earn $1M for Ultimo Bra Ad

Who’s boobylicious now, huh?Photo: Getty Images

Scary Spice’s real name might end in “B,” but her cup size sure doesn’t. Mel B. and her 34DD breasts will star in the next Ultimo Bra campaign. A disturbingly literal pairing, isn’t it? The Sun reports Mel will earn $1 million for the ads:

An Ultimo source said: “We were blown away by the great shape she is in and desperate to land her. Mel B has never been bigger.”

We’re not sure if the source is referring to her rack or her career, because last we checked she’s guest-judging Step It Up and Dance and fixing to co-host a reality show with Joey Fatone in which offices essentially form glee clubs and compete against other offices. Sigh. We suppose not every Spice Girl can make like groceries in a paper bag for Marc Jacobs billboards. Baby breastssteps, Mel B., baby steps.

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Scary Spice’s Breasts Earn $1M for Ultimo Bra Ad