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Science Suggests Botox Can Get to Your Brain

Priscilla PresleyPhoto illustration: Getty Images, istockphoto

• New research with lab animals suggests the botulinum toxin can work its way into the brain. If that’s not reason enough to reconsider injecting, one writer points out we’re forgetting that normal aging does not look like crooked fish smiles. Take Priscilla Presley, for example. [Jezebel]

Beauty Water claims to smooth skin with an anti-acne protein that works by fighting bacteria. We’re not sure if it really works, but the packaging is really quite lovely. [Bella Sugar]

• The Dress Camp collection by M.A.C, replete with zebra packaging, will be sold exclusively in Asian boutiques. However, M.A.C PRO stores and M.A.C Soho locations have a limited supply available starting today. Run, don’t walk! [Specktra Beauty News]

• Tarte cosmetics partnered with BriteSmile to launch Embrightenment, a lip gloss that also whitens teeth and comes in red or pink. What will they think of next? [WWD]

• Virgin Atlantic launched their new leather-sofa-inspired fragrance, Le Cuir, in Australia. They call it “the aromatic equivalent to the relaxed feeling of sinking into a posh leather seat.” Because we’ve always wanted to smell like a nice new Jaguar. [Live News Australia]

• The John Varvatos for Women fragrance is billed as “bottled sensuality.” One sampler said it’s more appropriate for a night out than the office. [Mischo Beauty]

Science Suggests Botox Can Get to Your Brain