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‘Sex and the City’ Girls Fight Over Premiere Outfits

Hissies and the CityPhoto: Courtesy of New Line

Sex and the City’s leading ladies are supposedly fighting over who gets to wear what to the movie’s premiere. Apparently it’s gotten so bad they no longer want to arrive in the same white limousine together. The Mirror reports:

One unnamed fashion house tried to bribe her to wear their label at next month’s bash — in return for dressing her son for life.

Another has offered around £2million [about $4 million] worth of designer gear. Bvlgari and de Beers are also vying for her attention to wear their bling down the red carpet.

Oh, their lives sound so difficult, don’t they? The paper claims SATC costume designer Patricia Field is caught in the middle of the catfight because all the actresses keep asking what the others are wearing. And they want to hit the premiere individually so SJP doesn’t get all the attention. We can’t wait to see how this pans out. If they carpool, we hope they emerge in a sea of shredded chiffon. And Kristin, Cynthia, and Sarah Jessica better watch out for Kim — you know she fights dirty.

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‘Sex and the City’ Girls Fight Over Premiere Outfits