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Is the Miss England Pageant Curve-Phobic?

Chloe MarshallPhoto:

We all know skinny does not equal beautiful. So when Chloe Marshall was named the first size 16 finalist in the Miss England competition, we were convinced the Brits understood the size issue better than Americans, especially since Marshall beat out seven skinny girls for her Miss Surrey title. But we’re not so sure anymore. We took a look at the Miss England Website today to scope out the skinny girls Marshall’s up against, and guess who wasn’t pictured alongside them? Chloe Marshall. Has the pageant gone curve-phobic?

To be fair, the page states that only “some” finalists are pictured. But pageant organizers should be proud to have a girl with real curves competing for the first time and put her darn photo up! After all, Marshall has brought the pageant way more publicity than it would have gotten otherwise. We hope this isn’t a sign of curve prejudice. But if it is, at least we know regardless of the pageant’s outcome, Marshall will be more famous than the winner.

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Is the Miss England Pageant Curve-Phobic?