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Something’s Off in the New ‘Sex and the City’ Promos

Photo: Courtesy of New Line

Over at the Moment blog, Elizabeth Spiridakis’s weekly “free association” column “Very” lays into the new Sex and the City promotional photos. She detects an underlying tension in the ads and suspects all those tabloid rumors about the ladies feuding and fighting over clothes are true. We agree: The photo looks off. Like, why does Carrie look so damn happy while Charlotte stares at the floor as if to say, “Hey Carrie! Don’t kick me!” (Spiridakis calls the expression, “Oohh, who dropped that butterfinger on the floor and can I have it?” Maybe we’re naïve but we really don’t think Charlotte would eat a Butterfinger off the floor.) Meanwhile Miranda and Samantha share the same mixed expression of pissed off and freaked out.

But perhaps the whole mess of tensions in this photo comes down to outfit envy? Maybe Carrie looks the happiest because she looks the cutest in that flouncy dress, with her long curly hair blowing in the faux breeze. Charlotte looks plain and kind of frumpy in her dress, which Spiridakis accurately dubs very “J.Crew bridal collection.” Miranda is probably thinking “Why am I the only fool wearing a print?” and Samantha is grinning through gritted teeth in that red satin suit. It’s very Laura Bush on Christmas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we don’t think Laura Bush has, er, the same tricks up her sleeve as Samantha.

Very | Sex and the City [Moment/NYT]

Something’s Off in the New ‘Sex and the City’ Promos