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Stacy London Is Actually Kind of Awesome

Bring it, Conrad.Photo: Getty Images

What Not to Wear stylist Stacy London has never seemed like the kind of person we’d like to have lunch with. We’re pretty sure she wouldn’t even make it to the air kisses before pointing to a puckered seam on our trousers and stuffing us in a mirrored closet to show us what ill-fitting pants really do to asses like ours. Then she’d undoubtedly shove us in a black car and cart us to Theory where she’d force us to spend our lunch money times a thousand on a pencil skirt and snug V-neck blend sweater that could have come from her very own closet. Plain clothes are fine and all, but not every woman’s life improves by looking just like Stacy London. However, this Daily News item makes us want to book Pastis for two and risk the aforementioned emotional and physical abuse:

London expressed her hatred for all things LC at DIFFA’S Dining by Design gala last week. “I work with underprivileged girls, mostly minorities, who hate themselves because they don’t look like Lauren Conrad,” she fumed to All Steel’s gorgeous designer, Sarah Kloepfer. “Who the f- wants to look like the girls on ‘The Hills’? They’re complete nitwits. Success is about more than acquiring a Hermes bag.”

She’s so right — starvation and boob jobs are two huge factors. Oh, we kid, we kid. Now please, enjoy your sausage biscuit. Throw some cheese on there for Audrina.

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Stacy London Is Actually Kind of Awesome