Stylist Keegan Singh on Dressing Men, Shopping, and Facial Hair

Keegan Singh in his apartment with clothes, beautiful clothes.Photo: Melissa Hom

Keegan Singh, a 31-year-old stylist, is the man behind some of your favorite shoots in Vogue, V, Vman, Purple, and the New York Times to name a few. He also edits collections, hangs with the cool kids, and has the best head of hair we’ve seen in quite a long time. Plus he’s a real charmer, as the Cut found out over bottles of wine one night.

Is there a shoot you’ve done that you feel is iconic?
My first shoot I ever did. It was for Wonderland. It was a grunge story, and I was really nervous. It’s really cool, and it was menswear. But it would look cool on a girl or a boy.

Do you prefer doing menswear or womenswear?
Women’s because it’s more of a challenge for sure. For men, I dress everyone like me.

From Keegan’s first shoot with Wonderland.Photo: Jason Kibbler, from Wonderland, 2007

But men have such a hard time shopping. So isn’t that part of the challenge?
For the average male, yes. I think straight men don’t think enough about clothes and gay men overthink clothes. They overdress. I think you have to know who you are and dress accordingly. Find your archetype and stick to it.

What should every guy have in their closet?
A white button-down shirt, a white T-shirt, and I think they should all have Trash & Vaudeville jeans. Some men’s Balenciaga. East Village meets French boys, Parisians. It’s really hot. That’s my personal style aesthetic. If you have a rocker look, I swear girls will go for it.

What’s your favorite men’s store?
Phillip Lim. He’s a friend of mine. I like Marc by Marc, Rock & Republic jeans. And Trash & Vaudeville.

We think his hair is dreamy too.Photo: Melissa Hom

What trends do you like for fall?
For fall ‘08 I love rock and roll, I love Balmain, I love Rodarte. J’adore. I really love fur. There’s a whole knitwear thing I’m into. The Rodarte knits. They were gorgeous.

What trends do you wish would go away?
People who don’t make an effort. Lazy. I mean, we live in New York City. I love women to look like women and men to look like gentlemen.

Are you for or against facial hair?
Against. I like a mustache, though, so I guess that’s not true. It depends on the person. You know, I’m a total hypocrite because I like Devendra [Banhart] and people with beards. I guess it’s okay when it makes sense.

What are you lusting after right now?
The item I’m lusting after the most is the Gerrit Thomas Rietveld zigzag chairs. What I also really want right now are these studio lights with barn doors on them for my apartment. They look like eyes.

Keegan and his Bauhaus tee.Photo: Melissa Hom

What’s your signature item?
The thing about me is I’m a firm believer that you don’t need that much stuff. I don’t have that many clothes. I wear the same stuff over and over again. I have a black blazer, a navy blazer, a Balenciaga coat, skinny black jeans, I know what I like. Maybe a rock-and-roll T-shirt, a Bauhaus T-shirt.

What can’t you live without?
My favorite book, Against Nature. You have to suck it down like vin rouge. You want to study that book but don’t become that person; it’s so twisted. It’s the book that inspired Oscar Wilde to write Dorian Gray. —Amina Akhtar

Stylist Keegan Singh on Dressing Men, Shopping, and Facial Hair