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Kitson Stays True to Victoria Beckham’s Denim Line

No, she won’t ever go awayPhoto: WireImage

Earlier this week News of the World reported Victoria Beckham’s dVb denim line would be discontinued at L.A. boutiques Kitson and Fred Segal. Before we could figure out how to appropriately react to Beckham’s slipping from her high horse (we started to feel sad for her, then realized we always feel a little sad for her), we noticed several comments refuted the story. One commenter wrote:

i was in the LA kitson on wednesday and asked when her new range would be in and they said end of april! they’re is still a waiting list for the black kick flare star ones, so i hardly believe this to be true, the range certainly sells. like everyone her who can afford it is rocking a pair of either the jeans or the sunglasses.

Even though we can’t imagine a world in which everyone “is rocking” dVb gear, we trusted those uncapitalized “I”s more than News of the World’s original report. And today Kitson owner Fraser Ross confirmed our gut feeling to British Vogue:

“The rumours are ridiculous — Kitson is extremely proud to be selling dVb by Victoria Beckham,” Ross states. “We are fully committed to the dVb collection and our customers and Victoria’s fans ask for it daily. I’ve seen next season’s collection and I can’t wait to get it in-store, especially the new dVb men’s collection, launching in September.”

And the Posh reign continues! Now we just have to figure out if we should congratulate L.A. residents or feel sad for them.

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Kitson Stays True to Victoria Beckham’s Denim Line