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‘Fashionista’ Reality Show Annoys Actual ‘Elle’ Staffers

Um, could you cause any more drama, Joe?Photo: Getty Images

The drama at Elle extends beyond Nina Garcia’s half-canning. Apparently Fashionista (or Perfect Fit or whatever the hell it’s being called today) — the reality show currently being filmed at the mag, in which contestants vie for a spot as creative director Joe Zee’s assistant — is ANNOYING everyone who really works there! Shocking, yes. According to the Daily News, Zee’s real assistant hates the whole thing, and Elle isn’t going to hire the winner, anyway. Well, obviously. Since its inception, the show sounded like one big disaster for two main reasons:

1. They cast contestants by plucking the cutest people they could find from the streets and from retail jobs around the city. Clearly, actual experience in the fashion or publishing industry doesn’t matter, if you have good skin and admit to behaving shamelessly when drunk, like any good reality contestant should.

2. Tyra Banks is producing it, which means whoever wins is not going to be the next top anything.

But what’s bad for Elle could be television gold. So while we really do feel for the talented, industry-driven souls at the mag who have to put up with this crap at the expense of the fashion we all love, our crude, television-loving id suspects the show will be awesome. Forgive us, fashion gods. But we’re already drawing up Tyra Mail–themed invitations and stocking up on granola bars for the premiere party at our apartment.

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‘Fashionista’ Reality Show Annoys Actual ‘Elle’ Staffers