The Best Pedicures Are Not in the Meatpacking District

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If you’re eating or drinking something, gingerly set it down right now because we have some shocking new information for you: Not everything in the meatpacking district is worth its price. Yes, we know. It’s true! And that includes pedicures, like the $48 Signature Pedicure at Rescue Beauty Lounge at 34 Gansevoort Street. The place has been written up in magazines like Elle, Allure, and Vogue, which is why the Mischo beauty blogger and her friend went there for the $48 toe treatment when they visited New York. As licensed beauty professionals, they were well equipped to judge the treatment — and we must say, their critique doesn’t make us feel bad for choosing not to sacrifice our cash for a weekend toe-pampering:

Upon entry you could see that the minimalist, chic interior could possibly benefit from an upgrade (which, in today’s economy, could be daunting). The retail area had a variety of beauty products to choose from, but lacked a wide selection of nail colors. […] She failed to massage my legs and feet and the steamed towels she applied after the moisturizer had already cooled. The rolled tissue, which was used as toe separators, easily leads to polished toes touching each other, and appeared out of place.

She does say the polish was painted on very nicely. But damn, for $48? If that kind of money doesn’t buy a girl foam toe separators, we’re petrified of what this recession has coming.

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The Best Pedicures Are Not in the Meatpacking District