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The Dollar Sucks, We Can’t Shop — So the British Are Coming!

Photo illustration: Getty Images, istockphoto

You know how Soho sounds even more Euro these days, with dozens of different languages and accents? Well, that’s what our oh-so-frail dollar sounds like as Europeans flock over to take advantage of their fortified Euros and British pounds. The British make up the largest group of Western European visitors; with their low airfares and pounds valued at more than $2, our fair city is essentially “on sale” for them. So many British are coming they now make up this city’s No. 1 international market after Canada. (And so our country, after decades of “America, Junior” jokes, hangs its collective head in shame.)

According to the Guardian, 92 percent of British visitors said they came to New York for shopping, while only 69 percent claimed they’d do any sightseeing. Hadley Freeman notes, “You can’t bring back the Empire State building, right?” Oh, rub it in! But seriously, it’s a good thing the Brits are keeping our economic wheels greased because Lord knows we can’t afford to. As long as cafés don’t start replacing butter with coddled cream to cater to our new foreign friends, may they come and spend their pounds like they’re going out of style. As long as someone’s still shopping in Prada’s Soho store — we’d hate to see that Brazilian zebrawood floor go to waste.

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The Dollar Sucks, We Can’t Shop — So the British Are Coming!