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The New Bridezilla Is Bulimic and Smokes Ciggies

Oh, vices…Photo: iStockphoto

Women face enough pressure to look their best and not let their faces wrinkle on a daily basis. So the pressures on their wedding day may as well be as strong as the heat of a thousand suns. Now we’re as single as they come over here at the Cut, and though we’ve wanted to get hitched, we long ago stopped fantasizing about that big white petit four–saturated affair Disney flicks (and our moms) told us we wanted. Planning an event like that is equivalent to checking your sanity at Heathrow’s Terminal 5: You just don’t know when — or even if — you’ll ever see it again. As the Guardian notes, the details become so overwhelming that brides start fretting over whether their nails match the flowers (um, people are dying in Iraq, but glad you have priorities). Thankfully these crazy ladies have shows like Bridezillas, to egg them on. Just how crazy are they? Consider these stats:

A recent report in Newsweek magazine highlighted the lengths that US women are going to in preparation for their wedding day, including teeth-straightening, Botox and extreme dieting. It cited academic research that found that 70% of US women who were engaged were trying to lose more than 20lb in time for their wedding, and a further 20% were closely monitoring their weight. Of those who were trying to lose weight, more than 20% were taking an approach that the researchers perceived as “extreme”, including downing laxatives, vomiting after meals and adopting a new-found smoking habit as a way to stave off hunger pangs.

Isn’t the day we enter into holy matrimony supposed to be the happiest of our lives? No, no — apparently brides are walking down the aisle with a nicotine patch where their garters once were. We’ve got one word for you people: Vegas. And if there are petits fours at our wedding, you better believe we’ll be eating all of them.

And the bride wore Botox…[Guardian]

The New Bridezilla Is Bulimic and Smokes Ciggies